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The master children's choir, made up of boys and girls from 5th to 3rd grade, in CHAM class, educated at Malraux College. The children, depending on their level, are present between 5 and 11 hours per week at the Maîtrise. They have a very strong practice of choral singing and receive lessons in vocal technique and individual singing, music theory and deciphering, body expression, analysis, history of music on the works of the repertoire and knowledge general in connection with the programmed works.  


The repertoire extends from the Gregorian to the present day, also calling on contemporary creation in the field of so-called "scholarly" music and opens up to current music.

The master choir is called upon to perform regularly at auditions, concerts, operas, in festivals and national and/or international stages, theaters and to make discographic or audiovisual recordings, in France or abroad. , with or without the formations: Young Choir, Probatory Choir, Pre-Masters Choir, Adult Choir-Asmarâ.


These productions are an integral part of the children's education.

Each discipline (singing, music theory, knowledge of works, rhythm and vocal technique) gives rise to an assessment in the form of continuous assessment and during an assessment week set in June.


College masters

. the 6th are gathered in the same class and for 11 hours a week.  

. the 5th, 4th and 3rd are brought together in the same class for 10 hours a week.

. all of the children in the Master's program are educated in classes with flexible hours at the André Malraux middle school in the 13th arrondissement in Marseille.




. The pedagogical team meets at the end of each term to take stock of the master's progress and results.  

. Children definitively admitted to the Maîtrise undertake to continue their studies there until the end of the third year.


. The choice of this training implies that the master will not be able to choose an optional discipline at the College, of the Latin, Greek type, sports or leisure clubs and choir and will have to limit the external activities which are considered secondary.

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